Welcome to the home page of Diane Armstrong, award-winning author and journalist.


Diane has won First Prize in the NSW Society of Women Writers' Biennial Fiction Award for 2009, for her novel Nocturne.

Empire Day, Diane’s new novel, is now in the bookshops.

Diane's recent novel EMPIRE DAY is set in Sydney in 1948, a time when an influx of European migrants threatened the familiar lifestyle of Australians. Empire Day explores the conflict, tension and drama that ensued when the 'reffos' moved into a fictional Sydney backstreet. Over the next few months, at the following venues, she will be discussing the personal recollections that compelled her write this novel, the research that enabled her to discover startling and illuminating facts about this period, and the astonishing coincidences that have ensued since it was published. 


On Saturday 2 February, Diane will give a day-long workshop on writing historical fiction at the NSW Writers’ Centre in Rozelle.

The title of the workshop is: Taking the Mystery out of History.

A historical novel is the passport to a bygone world, but for the passport to be valid, the book must be authentic, believable, and evocative. In this lively workshop, Diane Armstrong will discuss ways of bringing your historical fiction to life

For information and enrolment, please contact the NSW Writers’ Centre : info@nswwc.org.au